as·so·ci·a·tion | əˌsōsēˈāSH(ə)n, əˌsōSHēˈāSH(ə)n |
A connection or cooperative link between people or organizations...

The Utah FilmmakersFacebook group—created by UFA™ Board Member Ben Hawker in 2007—is the principle forum utilized by the Utah Filmmakers™ Association to bridge the local film community with Utah’s film industry. While the UFA™ existed separately since 2002, it does not have a formal membership structure. Instead, after being invited to help Admin the Facebook group, we have worked to develop it into an effective and thriving platform and promote it as the de facto online forum for mentorship, collaboration, and promotion for professional and novice filmmakers alike.

A “Utah Filmmaker™” can be any filmmaker with direct ties to Utah including—but not limited to—Producers, Writers, Directors, Actors, Cinematographers, Sound Engineers, Set Designers, Property Masters, Hair & Make-up Artists, Animators, SFX/VFX Artists, Composers and many other technical and creative occupations.
The Utah Filmmakers™ Community Liaison Program was started in 2019 to better enable the organization to show its support for the film community. Our volunteer Community Liaisons are easy to spot at film festivals, workshops, screenings, networking functions, and other film-related events because they’ll be wearing official Utah Filmmakers™ Association T-shirts sponsored by Red Finch Rental.

When you see them, be sure to say hello and tell them about any upcoming events that they can attend and help to promote through our social media presence. Speaking of which…

In 2007, Utah Filmmaker™ Brian Higgins brought The 48 Hour Film Project to Salt Lake City. The annual film competition in which teams of filmmakers are assigned a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue, and have 48 hours to create a short film containing those elements. It’s a fun and exciting event for the local film community.

Since 2011l The UFA™
has proudly supported
Team Mega Hippo Productions!

The Utah Filmmakers™ Association works to encourage, facilitate and promote innovative means for filmmakers to collaborate and create. For example...

The Utah Filmmakers and Actors Slack Channel was set up by Cameron Bullock and Dan Herbas in 2018 as an additional means for filmmakers to connect.

The official
Utah Filmmakers™ Subreddit,
created in 2019 by Zachary Phillippy

The UFA™ does its best to promote and participate in events and workshops sponsored by other agencies and organizations committed to film-related goals that we all have in common, including…

The anual Film Day on the Hill to support the efforts of the Motion Picture Association of Utah and IATSE Local 99 to encourage state legislators to continue funding and expanding Utah’s Motion Picture Incentive Program which is administered by the Utah Film Commission.

Screenings, workshops, classes and other valuable resources can be found at the Utah Film Center. UFA™ officers include working filmmakers that are just as excitred to learn new things about filmmaking as anyone else in the profession.

From time to time, The Utah Filmmakers™ Association contributes to fundraising efforts for local productions and other film-related causes through direct donations and participating in crowd-funding campaigns.

  • Arts in the Armed Forces - Non Profit Organization
  • Utah Film Center - Non Profit Organization ••• Fire Recovery Fund
  • Brewvies Cinema Pub ••• Fight DABC Censorship
  • Adam & Eve - Series
  • Curse of the Werehuahua - Feature
  • You Again - Series
  • The Utah Investigative Journalism Project - Non Profit Organization

Central Utah 4-H Filmmakers was an after-school program that operated in Sanpete County, teaching local youth about filmmaking through the production of a series of shorts called “Phil & Friends.” The show was broadcast on CentraCom’s Local Channel 10. We also operated a small studio space courtesy of Wasatch Academy.

Our organization has also participated in a number of local utah events including Mt. Pleasant's soapbox derby as well as Independence Day and Pioneer Day parades.