The Utah FilmmakersAssociation (UFA™)—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, licensed by the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Consumer Protection—engages aspiring filmmakers to approach their desired vocation with professionalism, integrity, and respect, to learn and embrace industry standards, and to understand the requisite business aspects of the craft. To that end, Utah Filmmakers™ actively promotes mentorship and champions established agencies, programs, and organizations that provide the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to transition from being local filmmaking enthusiasts to becoming professionals in Utah’s film industry. The UFA™ facilitates these efforts through online forums, collaboration with other nonprofit and business entities, and practical application of industry standards through the creation of original content with its production division, 
Section One Entertainment. The organization endeavors to bridge the local film community with Utah’s film industry.
Joseph L. Puente

Mario DeAngelis
Vice President

Lindsay Watson
Vice President

Mario DeAngelis,
Ben Hawker,
Danica Puente,
Genesis Eve Speer-Garcia,
Sandy Tiemann,
Lindsey Watson

and a member of the Utah Nonprofits Association,
abiding by their Standards of Ethics.

Utah Filmmakers (Corporation - Domestic - Non-Profit) 8106390-0140
Utah Filmmakers Association (DBA) 8146802-0151
Section One Entertainment (DBA) 10785984-0151
Utah Department of Commerce
-Division of Consumer Protection-
LICENSE ID: 5738929

Utah Filmmaker(s)™,  and UFA™ are trademarks registered with the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, Registration Numbers 10706542-0190, 11025542-0190, and 10502093-0190 respectively.