UFA™ Membership*


Membership in the Utah FilmmakersAssociation is open to individuals and organizations with active filmmaking interests in the state of Utah that share the UFA™'s common goals and core values and are committed to supporting and promoting its purposes.

Classes of Membership

There are three classes of Membership:

1. Community Membership

Community Members include individuals, organizations, and events.

Community Membership is automatically granted to those listed among the members/participants in Utah Filmmakers™’s official forums and/or Associate Forums and/or are members of, volunteers for, and/or employed by Associate Organizations/Events.

2. Associate Membership

Associate Members include vetted and select individuals, organizations, and events.

Associate Membership is granted to participants in the
Utah Filmmakers™ Associate Program. 

3. Principal Membership

Principal Members include the corporate Principals of the nonprofit corporation Utah Filmmakers™ as indicated through public filings with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.

Principal Membership is granted only by existing Principals.

Rights of Members

Select Principals, from time to time, may establish certain rights and privileges relating to the specific classes of membership, but no member shall have any voting rights or other rights of members not set forth in the Utah Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act.

*Adapted from the CORPORATE BYLAWS of Utah Filmmakers™ • DBA Utah Filmmakers™ Association / UFA™ • a Non-Profit Organization