Who can be considered a Utah Filmmaker™?

 We have a very broad and inclusive definition of the term “Utah Filmmaker™.”

Basically, it can be anyone with filmmaking ties* to Utah including—but not limited to—Producers, Writers, Directors, Assistant Directors, Cinematographers, Directors of Photography, Sound Engineers, Actors, Extras, Stunt Performers, Animal Wranglers, Cable Wranglers, Gaffers, Grips, Electricians, Caterers, Set Medics, Set Designers, Property Masters, Hair & Make-up Artists, Production Assistants, Animators, SFX/VFX Artists, Composers and many other technical and creative occupations. Basically, if you participate in filmmaking in just about any capacity in the state of Utah, then you—as far as we’re concerned—are a Utah Filmmaker™.

* We’re primarily filmmakers that live in Utah but there are also a number of filmmakers out there that are originally from Utah—and surrounding states—who call it home, as well as those who divide their time between Utah and other film markets, from L.A. to Georgia, and New Mexico to Toronto. Regular participants in Utah-based film festivals from across the country and around the world are also welcome to wear the moniker.

† The Utah Filmmakers™ Association does own a Utah trademark for “Utah Filmmaker™” (singular) and “Utah Filmmakers™” (plural) primarily for branding purposes and identifying our organization.