Saturday, August 10, 2013

Joseph L. Puente

Joseph L. Puente: Writer, Actor, Filmmaker
Joseph L. Puente is the President and Founder of The Utah Filmmakers Association. He has had a lifelong fascination with film ever since he saw a PBS documentary on the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark when he was a kid. Joe has been making short films since high school when he asked his parents for a video camera instead of a car at the age of 16.

Joe is the primary Executive Producer of Section One Entertainment and the creator and host of "Section One TV." His goals in the film industry are to entertain, educate, inspire and provoke thought in his audiences. Much of his work has been in the form of documentary shorts with "SOTV" but he has one feature film under his belt which he produced and directed during his last six months in the U.S. Navy and he has several other feature length projects in development.